'I feel there is something unexplored about a woman that only a woman can explore.' Georgia O'Keefe


My paintings focus on archetypal figurative representations of the female form. Mood and atmosphere is carefully constructed through the deliberate juxtaposition of the central figure against an ambiguous background. In turn, the image is further defined by the use of intense artificial lighting and a restricted colour palette. The play of light and shadows conveys an effect that is both welcoming and remote. In brief, it intensifies an ephemeral moment in time which the viewer can interpret in their own way whilst still being guided by the ambience and composition of the image as a whole.

The works possess a contemporary tone which is achieved through the integration of a soft-focus, chiaroscuro and dry brush techniques combined with an illustrative edge. Although my work is grounded in realism, it is far too stylised to be considered entirely so. I would refer to it as Aesthetic Realism, influenced by not only the classical fine artists of the Renaissance but also contemporary illustrators and digital photographers.

Many of my paintings represent a dream world or moments of quiet reflection, contemplation or introspection, where one can delve into the subconscious and attempt to understand one's own place within the greater scheme of things. I seek to represent and capture a fleeting moment in time, a transient image of contemplation that is a combination of dreams and reality, a tasteful balance between sensuality and femininity suggesting emotions and feelings frozen in time.

I have always used my work in an attempt to understand my place within the world, as a woman of mixed cultural heritage. The element of reflection, catharsis and renewal are ever present aspects.